Selling Insurance without a Marketing Degree

Recently, John Heath from Colonial Life Insurance visited our Marketing Management class one morning. He has no degree in business, yet he is a great salesman. He and his assistant presented practical information for those wanting to get into sales. I, for one, do not want to venture into that field. Personally, the thought of speaking with people face-to-face, trying to get them to buy a product, terrifies me. But, to each his own, right?

Dr. Green has been reiterating to the class the idea that a person needs to be likeable and trustworthy in order to sell a product to someone. John definitely had those qualities about himself. He was friendly, explained things well, and seemed like he had your best interest in the forefront of his mind. David Mayer and Herbert M. Greenberg write, “Our basic theory is that a good salesman must have at least two basic qualities: empathy and ego drive” (2006). Along with being trustworthy and empathetic, a salesman must be driven. One of Heath’s maxims is that you can make as much money as you think you are worth. It is simply up to you to put in the time.

Heath’s primary role as an insurance salesman, it seems, is to promote awareness of his company’s product. Chernev explains, “Awareness reflects customers’ knowledge of the offering. Awareness can be generated by the company’s direct communications to its target customers…” (2014). Without awareness of your product, you have no market.

Heath explained the importance of getting as many “drops” as possible to contacts each week. It is called a drop because you are trying to “drop” your name and information to a certain business. The more times you contact a sales prospect, the more likely you are to get further with them in the sales process. “’No’ isn’t always a flat-out ‘no.’ Most of the time, it just means ‘not right now,’ so don’t be discouraged when you get a no. Be persistent,” Heath said.

This is what would scare me if I took a sales position. I do not like being told no. I feel as though my relationship with that person is hurt when they say no. I feel I cannot be as open with them.

Heath mentioned the book Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount. He and his assistant both praised it as a very inspiring, easy read, and it is definitely something salespeople need to check out. So, in a perfect world, I will read that book and suddenly fall in love with sales. We shall see.

Special Needs Planning—What you Should Know

As their children get older, parents start to stress over how they are going to pay for their children’s college but if you are parents of a special needs child, you are facing a more difficult and daunting task. These parents do not have to worry about a college education. They need to be sure they are going to be able to provide financial support and care for their special needs child after their death. This can be a complex question because no one can predict what their child’s medical needs will be in the future nor do they know how long they will live. To get help making sure their child is protected in the future the parents should make an appointment with an attorney who specializes in special needs planning Red Bank. The attorney can help the parents of a child with special needs ensure that the child will be taken care of after their deaths.

Letter of instruction

It is also called a “letter of intent” and describes the child’s situation. It will also provide instructions for the caregivers after the parent’s death or inability to care for the child. It will outline what you, as a parent, vision for the child’s life, how it could be, and the different things that affect the child. This can include how they communicate with you if they are non-verbal, what type of foods they like and do not like, etc. This is not a legal document but sometimes parents need help drafting it so this where special needs planning Toms River can help. Another letter to draft is to family members, asking them not to bequeath funds directly to the child. If the child is bequeathed money, they could lose their eligibility for Medicaid because they cannot have more than two thousand dollars in their name.

Special needs trust

Not all of their needs are covered by public benefits such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid so having a trust will make sure that money is available for additional expenses. This trust will not jeopardize their eligibility for the federal programs. When you talk to Special needs planning Red Bank attorney they can help set up one of the two special needs trust.

• First-party trusts—this trust is funded by the money the child received, like an inheritance. If the beneficiary of this trust dies the state can request Medicaid reimbursement from the funds that are still in the trust
• Third-party trust—this is funded by a life insurance from relatives or by a family member and do not require reimbursement.

These are just two of the many things that a special needs planning Toms River attorney can help you with.

What is Event Insurance and Why is it Necessary?

Imagine that your company is hosting an annual fundraiser and you’re holding an event. You’ve tackled everything from booking to signing contracts to lining up entertainment and beverage service. Unfortunately, at the last minute a storm creeps in and affects inbound flights to your area. Now you have to cancel or rain check your event. Not only will your business suffer; you could be out a good deal of money.

Cancelling any major event can cost your organizations thousands if not millions of dollars. It is for this very reason that countless carriers now recommend business owners get event cancellation insurance to protect their company.

Event cancellation insurance is used as a defense against lost profits or expenses. Expenses that develop as a result of weather, power loss, terrorism, delay, or even complete cancellation are covered, as is the cost of relocation for the event.

In some cases, event planning can take years. As organizations incur more fees throughout the planning stages, some even struggle to cover expenses of the event, let alone any disruption of it. In the event of a delay or cancellation, a company’s resources can easily be depleted. With these and other threats, event cancellation insurance is not an option, it is necessary to protect a company’s investments.

What Determines Your Car Insurance Rate?

Driving a car is a big responsibility. No matter how old you are and how long you have been driving, there are certain aspects of driving that you must pay attention to. For one, it is a law that your vehicle must be insured in order for you to drive it. Without proper insurance, you could be looking at serious legal troubles. Luckily, obtaining auto insurance in Nashville, TN, is simple when you know where to turn. Determining which company to go to for your insurance needs will come down to your personal preferences.

When selecting a new provider of car insurance, you might be curious about how the rate you are given is determined. It is important to understand that the auto insurance rate you are given is determined when insurance agents take a look at personal information about you and weigh out how much of a liability you are going to be under their coverage. Many people know that their driving history impacts the rate being given but that is far from the only factor taken into consideration. Brushing up on how the rate is determined can prove useful.

Gender and Age

Some people are already aware of this fact but gender plays a big part in the rate you receive for your car insurance. The main reason for this is because statistics show that men are more likely to get into accidents than women, especially accidents that require a large amount of compensation from an insurance provider. This alone makes policies geared towards men a bit more costly than the rates women receive. While this can seem somewhat unfair, it is important to understand that age will also play a part when it comes to gender and balance out the scales.

Men under 30 are usually paying higher rates than their female counterparts. Once an individual enters his or her 30’s, rates for auto insurance in Nashville, TN, begin to even out. Of course, this begins to change again as old age approaches. After passing the age of 60, a male is once again more likely to pay higher rates for auto insurance than women of the same age. This, again, is due to the fact that men who are older 60 are more likely to be involved in an accident.


Another huge factor that is taken into consideration when determining your car insurance rate is your experience behind the wheel. If you haven’t been a licensed driver for very long, an insurance provider is going to consider you a risk. This means the rates are going to be much higher until you have had a few years on the road. Teenagers are usually the biggest members of this demographic but there are plenty of adults who don’t get their licenses until later. Regardless of age, your experience will have a big impact on your rates.

Driving comes with a lot of obligations. Having the right insurance is important. To get the best rates on auto insurance in Nashville, TN, be sure to do your research and learn about your options. Keep the various factors that determine your rate in mind and you will be able to know which plan is the best deal for you.

Why Parcel Insurance From an Independent Company is Better than the Carrier’s Insurance

If you run a business that ships your product to its customers, such as an e-commerce business, you understand how important it is to get your merchandise from Point A to Point B without a hitch. Nothing angers your customers more than receiving their package damaged, receiving it with items missing from the inside or not receiving it all. You need parcel insurance, and you shouldn’t rely on the insurance figured into your costs by your carriers. Here is why.

Provides a More Personalized Experience

Shipping companies are in the business to make money through their transit services, not through insurance coverage. Consequently, this part of their service is oftentimes difficult to understand. In fact, you may not even know whether your packages are insured and, if so, by how much. If your business relies on shipping its merchandise, you need to work with a company that specializes in insuring your packages. This gives you a more personalized experience that meets all of your needs. You’ll have insurance packages from which to choose that provide you optimal coverage at minimal cost.

Provides Better Coverage

When you can tailor your parcel insurance to your exact needs, you get better coverage. You are able to ensure that your insurance is enough to handle any claim. If you sell high-end or specialty products, it is particularly important to make certain your goods are protected until the customer leaves that five-star review online. You cannot risk a loss to your pocketbook. Carrier insurance will only cover you to a certain extent, if at all. As such, it behooves you to make certain you have all the protection you need.

Streamlines Claim Processes

Should something happen, and inevitably it will, if you file a claim under the carrier’s insurance, you are not only looking at mounds of paperwork to fill out but also a four-to-six week claims processing period. Your customer is not going to wait that long, and neither should you. If you ship new product on your own dime, you won’t recover the hit to your bottom line for this duration. When you insure your packages through an independent carrier, you’ll have a speedy claims process, sometimes in as little as a week.

Keeps Customers Happy

This keeps your customers happy. When you receive the angry phone call or email, the customer will respond much better to a reply that you’ll resolve the issue immediately rather than in four to six weeks. Considering online reviews can force a business to close its doors, it’s crucial that you keep your customers thrilled with your service, even if something does go wrong during transit. Don’t assume that your carrier is the best and you’ll never have an issue. Eventually, something will happen.

You opened your business because you love what you do. You have a passion for the product you sell. Protect it and your operation by securing independent parcel insurance for all of your packages. When you work with an insurance provider, you and your customers will receive the better service and coverage you both deserve.

A Ski Holiday with an Infant? ‘Snow problem!

It might feel like a skiing holiday is incompatible with the needs of an infant. Or that it’ll cost a fortune in special equipment and bespoke, child-friendly resorts. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not only possible, but actively enjoyable to take a baby on a skiing trip. And crucially, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. All it takes is a bit of forward planning.

Where and When

Choosing a resort in Europe allows for warmer weather and gentler conditions, especially if you opt to go in late season (March-April). Being closer to home, European destinations also take some of the stress out of travel. Shorter flights are a godsend – just check with your airline about excess baggage. Alternatively, why not skip the plane altogether? Travelling to Europe by train or car can often result in low-cost, straightforward journeys, and you’ll be sure to encounter some spectacular scenery along the way.

The Perfect Resort

La Tania in Courchevel is the ideal resort for a young family. Think Narnia, but with all the security and comfort of home. Totally pedestrianized, this small village is equipped with ski shops, a tourist office, supermarket, post office and cash point. There’s also a free bus service around the village. We’re not talking about a remote mountain in the Rockies here!

For older children, there are plenty of ski schools, and the irresistible attraction of sledging. Scenic trails wind their way through spruce trees, providing ample opportunity for gentle strolls with the baby.

Top Tip: Bring a carrier backpack or sling – you’ll be able to take the baby along no problem.

Catering and Childcare

Few things are as relaxing as a fire-lit evening in the mountains after a good day’s skiing – the glitter of snow outside, a hearty dinner, and a glass of wonderful French wine. If you think this is impossible with a baby in tow, then think again. The secret is to opt for a catered chalet – no shopping, cooking or washing-up – and to take advantage of La Tania’s team of professional and qualified childcare providers. They’ll be flexible enough to work around your own routine, so you can leave your child in safe hands. Start hitting those slopes!

Peace of Mind on the Mountain

Don’t underestimate a good onesie. Wrapped up in a snowsuit, your baby will be safe against the cold. The unique conditions of ski slopes also mean sun-cream and wraparound goggles or sunglasses with 100% UV protection are essential. (Remember, adults need these too – it’s vital to protect your eyes against the glare.)

Lastly, the importance of investing in ski travel insurance can’t be emphasised enough. Whenever you plan to ski, travel insurance is a crucial step. Get this sorted and you’ll be able to enjoy all the glories of life in the mountains as a family.

Author Plate

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of InsureMore, an award-winning team of specialists in global single trip, annual, family, business and ski travel insurance. Besides offering great deals on travel insurance, Patrick also collects and shares the best free travel competitions to help his clients get the most out of their holidays.

One Day in La Plagne? One Day of Family Fun!

As anyone who has planned a family winter sports excursion will know, when it comes to choosing a destination you sometimes have to sacrifice that picture-perfect vision of a secluded chalet in favour of a more practical location, with all the amenities you need to keep the kids happy. Not so in La Belle Plagne, the gem of the Tarentaise Valley, which combines a village feel with large resort appeal. As one of six smaller towns making up the larger La Plagne ski area, it benefits from access to some of the most spectacular slopes in Europe, while boasting an impressive array of family-friendly activities of its own. Read on for my top picks, and see how you can enjoy everything the town has to offer in just twenty-four hours!

Enjoy an Adrenaline-Fuelled Morning at the Olympic Bobsleigh Track

Start your day with the ride of your life! Built for the 1992 Olympic games, the Olympic Bobsleigh Track is open to the public from December to April, offering solo or professionally piloted rides, reaching speeds of up to 100kmh. When your stomachs have settled after all the exciting twists and turns, head for lunch at the nearby Le Chalet du Friolin Restaurant, where you will find a sun terrace set against spectacular mountainside views. Pasta lovers, opt for the tagliatelle bolognese – you will not be disappointed.

Hit the Slopes in the Afternoon

Get your skis on for the main event! The area surrounding La Belle Plagne boasts 425km of pistes to suit all abilities, so you’re sure to find something for everyone. There are plenty of options for lessons, too – or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not take advantage of the cable car link to Les Arcs? The possibilities are endless.

Wind down with a hearty local meal in the evening

I could mention enough establishments offering fondue fare to fill a fortnight’s holiday in La Plagne, but given our limited timescale, I will narrow it down to my top two: the Godille Restaurant for a mouth-watering raclette, or the Matafan restaurant for meat lovers. The latter is conveniently located right in the centre of town, so no need for traipsing off to change out of your skis! To top off the day, I suggest heading back to your chalet to wind down with cards and board games together by the fire.

And Finally, Always be Prepared

Of course, amongst the extra preparations that go into a winter sports holiday, it can be easy to forget the less exciting essentials – such as journey snacks, EHIC cards, and the all important winter sports travel insurance. Although it is the last thing you’d like to think about when planning a snowy getaway, skiing carries risks, and only with a comprehensive winter sports travel insurance policy can you rest easy knowing that you and your little ones are covered in case of any eventuality. Another common oversight is forgetting to bring a print-out of policy details, so once you have purchased your winter sports travel insurance, be sure to bring a hard copy. It should be up there with your boarding pass when packing your important documents. And finally, with all that taken care of, remember to have fun! La Belle Plagne is a beautiful setting; perfect for making memories that will last a lifetime.

Author Plate

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of InsureMore, an award-winning team of specialists in global single trip, annual, family, business and winter sports travel insurance. Besides offering great deals on travel insurance, Patrick also collects and shares the best free travel competitions to help his clients get the most out of their holidays.

Keep Up-to-Date with Cutting-Edge Wearables

Technology changes so fast these days that it’s easy to feel left behind, even when your gadgets are only two or three years old. Travel is one area in which having the latest tech can be super useful, allowing adventurous travellers to completely transform their holiday experience. Whether you are keeping fit in Bangkok or getting some sleep in Mexico City, there are wearable gadgets for every situation.

Wearables – The Tech of the Future

Smartphones have had the rule of the roost for some time now, but have they got a new challenger in wearables? Just as it is unimaginable now to go travelling without a smartphone, there are plenty of wearable gadgets out there that may soon be essential for all travellers.

Nosie Control

Travelling isn’t all quiet beaches and tranquil old churches. Sometimes – whether you are sat behind a baby on a long-haul flight, or simply need a few hours kip in a busy city – you just need a bit of peace and quiet. That’s where noise-cancelling earphones come in. QuietOn headphones are at the cutting edge of the market and cancel out distracting noises for complete silence. If you also want a built-in microphone so you can get directions straight from your phone, try the InspEar Active earplugs. These earplugs also translate, perfect for travellers who appreciate some help with languages.


It’s hard to keep track of your fitness while on holiday, even if you are hiking, biking and generally being active. Wearable fitness devices such the Fitbit are a clever way to track your steps and other fitness information. With a Fitbit you can set yourself goals every day to make sure you return from your travels even fitter than when you left.


Smartwatches may have started out as a bit of a gimmick but as the technology has developed they have become increasingly functional. The best bit about a smart watch is how they enable you to move easily around foreign cities without having to get out your expensive smartphone and risk it being snatched from your grasp. The Apple and Android smartwatches will even buzz you in the right direction so there is no need to look down at the watch as you are enjoying new places.


In heavily polluted cities across the world it can be difficult to enjoy the sites without worrying that what you are breathing is not all that good for you. The latest wearable tech such the Clausette’s Wair scarf will monitor the air you breathe as well as UV levels, pollen and more. The most advanced models will even filter the air for you.

Whether your tech is wearable or not, it’s always wise to invest in gadget travel insurance to protect your new devices. Nothing can disrupt a holiday like a damaged or lost gadget. Travel insurance on its own will likely not cover all of your tech, so it’s worth picking up some gadget travel insurance that covers multiple items. It will only cost you a few pounds and could save you hundreds.

Author Plate

Ethan Bailey is an experienced adventure traveller and insurance expert with the team at Let’s Go Insure. Ethan’s passion is to inspire his clients to go just that little bit further, deeper and higher on their travels and his expertise in providing the ideal insurance cover allows them to do just that. If you’re looking for the best gadget travel insurance Let’s Go works with the most experienced underwriters, intermediaries and insurers to offer a range of competitive insurance without compromising on cover.

Top Tips for Buying Your First Snowboard

The journey of every snowboarder includes the exciting step from renting to owning your own snowboard. Once your passion for the sport grows and your participation is so regular that owning your own snowboard is the only option, it is finally time to pick one out. This can be quite a stressful process; after all, knowing what to look for is not always clear, especially for those who have not bought their own snow gear before. With these handy tips, you will be able to walk confidently into any winter sports shop in the world and pick out your ideal beginner’s board.

Look for Versatile Boards

Your first snowboard should be competent in all snow conditions. Look out for an All Mountain Regular Camber board – these are the most versatile and are easy to control as the entirety of the board touches the snow.

Get the Right Size

The right size of snowboard depends of course on how big or small you are. Your new piece of kit should be no taller than your chin; a regular width is suitable for most. If you have a bigger shoe than a size 11, you may want to look for a wider width board.

Brands are Your Friend

You can rely on all the major snowboard brands for good durability and quality. Also, many of the branded boards come with long warranties in case of accidents on the snow.

Buy from a Specialist

Buying your first board off the internet can seem like an attractive option – it’s cheaper and you avoid much of the stress. However, nothing beats going into a specialist shop and talking over your options with the staff. Knowledgeable staff are the key to finding the board that best suits your needs, especially if you are not of average height or weight. Getting a feel of your next big investment is part of the thrill and helps to build a relationship with the board.

Don’t Buy the Most Expensive One

Of course, the more expensive boards are the best in general but as a beginner that’s not necessarily what you should be looking for. If you are a relatively inexperienced snowboarder, your first snowboard will be getting bashed about quite a lot, picking up plenty of bumps and scratches. It helps when developing your technique if you don’t have to worry about damaging a very expensive new piece of kit and instead focus on the snowboarding. Anyway, without expert skills you won’t be able to take advantage of the more expensive boards, so it makes sense to save up your money and buy a good one when you are a pro.

As well as investing in some winter sports insurance to keep you protected on the slopes, why not also grab some gadget travel insurance to look after your phone, laptop and other essential bits of tech? After the snow day finishes and you are relaxing in the hotel, you will really miss a damaged or stolen gadget. Travel insurance alone will not cover everything so it’s a good idea to add an extra gadget policy just in case.

Author Plate

Ethan Bailey is an experienced adventure traveller and insurance expert with the team at Let’s Go Insure. Ethan’s passion is to inspire his clients to go just that little bit further, deeper and higher on their travels and his expertise in providing the ideal insurance cover allows them to do just that. If you’re looking for the best gadget travel insurance Let’s Go works with the most experienced underwriters, intermediaries and insurers to offer a range of competitive insurance without compromising on cover. 老年服务 顔脱毛